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Mbayang Ndiaye


Junior Associate @ RBS from

Sept 2019- July 2022

Mid Associate @ RBS since Sept 2022

White Lodge Finalist : Year 7 entry sept 2022

Summer Intensive White Lodge: July 2022

LCB 2023 Snow White Performances@ Peacock Theatre

RAD Grade 5 Student


Stagecoach Performer since Jan 2017

Lamda Grade 5

Passed Lamda grade 1-4 with distinction

Stage performances:

Royal Opera house: Oct 2021: Opera Jenufa

RAD Inauguration: March 2022

London Children Ballet April 2023: Snow White

Performances at Peacock Theatre (8 in total) and at the RAD: Ballet for £1.00 for schools (4 in total)

Voiceover includes: French Speaking Child for End Malaria

Mbayang appeared in the game on the Mash up “east as pie” on CBBC in June 2022

Mbayang also does Piano at Wandsworth Music. She is part of Performance group and does Jazz & contemporary and Ballet at school too.

Last but not least Mbayang speaks 3 languages: English & French fluently and Wolof (advanced level)

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