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Brooke Norbury


Jac Jossa Academy 2021- Present

NYT start up Saturday

D&B Academy of Performing Arts, 2018

Sylvia Young, 2017

Pauline Quirke Academy, 2011-2017 - studied Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre & Film & Television (Trinity Exams Distinction)


3rd Brown Belt in karate- working towards Black Belt

Acoustic and Electric guitar (Grade 5 Distinction)

Feature Film

2022, Last Village on the Right, Caligula, Nightmare on 34th Street, Remember us,

2020, Globe of Monsters, G.O.D Tech

2018, Deadline

2017, Lighter

2016, Double Date


2022, BabyD*ke (Pilot)

2021, Your shout (sky), Covid in the classroom, Virtual Insanity, Blank surfaces

2020, FYI Kids News

2017, Roald Dahl day 2017 show, Detectorists, Topic

2016, The Amazing world of gumball

Short Film

2022, RSE Drama shoot

2020, Toyhouse

2019, Knifey material, The Persistence of the Past

2018, Climate Exchange (Bloomberg and Vanity fair), Making Guests smile, Rise of the Departed

2017, Lilly, Making smiles at the Holiday Inn, Neighbourhood Ties

2016, One for the boys (Samuel L Jackson’s charity campaign)


2021, Quaker oats

2019, Woman’s World cup

2018, Christmas Amazon products, English Education, Kinder Schoko-Bons,

2017, Bring back Heavy Metal, National Autistic society, Playbrush, Not on the High Street, Sunpat Peanut Butter, Super Juan

2016, Siemens

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