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Brooke Norbury


NYT start up Saturday

D&B Academy of Performing Arts, 2018

Sylvia Young, 2017

Pauline Quirke Academy, 2011-2017 - studied Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre & Film & Television


2020, Film, Faye, GLOBE OF MONSTERS, Omega Film Studios, Cumbria

2020, Feature Film, Young Mary, G.O.D. TECH, Invisible Sword Productions, David John Jeffery

2020, Film, Nelli, TOYHOUSE, Justice Akushie

2018, Feature Film, Thunder, DEADLINE, Tricell Films, Damien Kage

2017, Feature Film, Young Jen, LIGHTER, Peter T. Breen, Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik

2016, Feature Film, Young Kitty, DOUBLE DATE, Stigma Films, Benjamin Barfoot


2020, Television, FYI SKY KIDS NEWS, Fresh Start Media,

Chris Rogers

2017, Television, Featured speaking child, ROALD DAHL DAY 2017 SHOW, Puffin Books Virtually Live, Julian Mayers, Huw Williams

2017, Television, Roman Girl, DETECTORISTS, Channel X North, Mackenzie Crook

2017, Television, Featured speaking child (4 episodes), TOPIC, Scissor Studios Productions, Ron Eyal

2016, Television, Kids Art session, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting, Nathalie Le Berre

Short film

2019, Short Film, Jess, KNIFEY MATERIAL, Tiffany Shen

2019, Short Film, Young Ruth (Lead), THE PERSISTENCE OF THE PAST, Independent Production, Joseph Cassidy

2018, Short Film, Selma, CLIMATE EXCHANGE, Bloomberg, Martin Sterling

2018, Short Film, Daughter (Lead), MAKING GUESTS SMILE, Holiday Inn, Kal Mba

2018, Short Film, Faye (Lead), RISE OF THE DEPARTED, OOD TV, Taya Rose

2017, Short Film, Jane (Daughter), LILY, Will Webb

2017, Short Film, Daughter (Lead), MAKING SMILES AT HOLIDAY INN, IHG/Holiday Inn, Anthony E. Lennon

2017, Short Film, Hannah, NEIGHBOURHOOD TIES, Little Grand Road, Diya Ghosh

2016, Short Film, Daughter, ONE FOR THE BOYS PROMO, (Samuel L. Jackson's Charity Campaign), Iconoclast, Sam Huntley