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Giulio Cavazzini

Giulio Cavazzini

Giulio Cavazzini is an Italian bilingual actor/writer who works internationally.

Born and raised in the north of Italy, he moved to the UK after being offered a scholarship to study acting at The Oxford School of Drama where he graduated in 2021.

Since then, he has worked as an actor across different mediums such as theatre, film, television and video games.

Some of his latest credits include a confidential project for Amazon Studio's, a guest role in a Paramount TV series, ‘Miss Fallaci’, a short film with the CSC of Rome, ‘FOÄ’ and a play which he wrote and performed in at the Cockpit Theatre London called ‘Stallions’.

In 2022 he was also invited to the Venice Film Festival as one of the winners of the acting contest “Young Blood” at the Mareateale film festival in Italy.

Currently living in London with bases in Milan & Rome

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