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Giles Clark

Giles Clark

Giles has an indescribable and overwhelming affinity for animals and the natural world.
 His relentless determination and commitment, together with an in-depth knowledge of wildlife and a wealth of experience with big cats has helped develop an extremely successful career looking after exotic animals in captivity as well as supporting organisations working to protect wildlife in its natural habitat .

Giles was Head of Tigers and Conservation Manager at Australia Zoo, managing one of the only ‘hands on’ facilities for tigers in the world. His work was featured in the BBC2 Tigers About The House (2014) and Tigers About The House – What Happened Next (2015). Five one hour episodes followed the journey of two tiger cubs that he hand raised at home, and highlighted the plight of their wild cousin. During his 13 years at Australia Zoo, Giles was very involved setting up and managing the various partnerships worldwide with conservation projects affiliated with the zoo.

In 2016 Giles co-presented 4 x 1hour episodes of Ingenious animals for BBC1.

His incredible passion for conservation and his dedication and motivation “to make a difference” has taken him around the world. He lived in Central India for 18 months, not only observing tigers in the wild but helping carrying out vital conservation work, trying to help make a contribution to the survival of the tiger.

After moving back to the UK, Giles took up the role as Director of Big Cats and Conservation at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent; this was filmed in a three part series for BBC2 – Big Cats About The House (2018). The series followed Giles as he cared for several young cubs with a focus on various conservation projects that the Sanctuary supported in the field.

In 2019 Giles became a technical advisor to Free the Bears, an organisation based in South East Asia working to improve the lives of rescued bears from bear farms or the illegal wildlife trade. Over the course of 12 months Giles helped construct a new wildlife sanctuary in Laos and rescued many bears, some tiny helpless cubs. This was also filmed for BBC2 and aired in 2020 as two 1 hour episodes – Bears About The House.

Giles is particularly proud that all of the “About the House” series have generated significant support for the featured organisations and conservation projects.

Over the years Giles has built up a professional reputation and now helps represent over 8 charities in various capacities, either as a trustee, patron, ambassador or most notably as one of the Vice-presidents of Fauna & Flora International, the world’s oldest conservation organisation.

Giles’ unfaltering drive and infectious enthusiasm inspires others and his natural presenting skills are evident, both in front of a camera and to a live audience.

He has been a contributor to numerous mainstream TV and Radio programmes both in the UK and overseas.

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